Objects Of Design #362: Vintage City Prints

vintage London print
vintage London print

I have always loved monochrome with a single splash of colour and when I saw these prints I was immediately won over. They are made by PRRINT! a Spanish company that gives new life to antique encylopedias and maps by turning them into unique prints.

Vintage Rome

Based in the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain, the people at PRRINT! salvage abandoned pages from the books of yesteryear – some dating as far back as 1901 by printing quirky images on them – thus breathing new life into an otherwise disposable relic.

Vintage Paris

The set also includes Barcelona and Moscow but I also particularly loved this one, which is printed on the pages of an old dictionary.

Vintage hat and moustache
Vintage hat and moustache

Which one do you like best?

A word about Mora Approved which I discovered last week and which I have been back to browse around several times since. Founded in 2011 by Casey and Claudia who despaired of finding original pieces for their homes that weren’t either High Street or High End, they have curated a collection of quirky and interesting homewares from 12 (and counting) different countries stretching from Finland to Spain.

The name ‘Mora Approved’ was inspired by the fact that there is  a town named Mora in Sweden and a town named Mora in Spain. The girls said that it seemed fitting to name the shop after two very different European regions with one unifying name – Mora. It represents their commitment to sourcing unique products from many European countries.

So yes, Mora Approved and Mad About The House Approved too.

Moraapproved £8

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