Objects of Design #48: Leaning Shelves

leaning shelves from french connection
leaning shelves from french connection

For anyone who rents their home or who thinks they may have to move in the not too distant future, the issue of storage is always a vexed one. The renters need portable stuff they can take to the next place, and the owners need to wrestle with the question of whether to build and hope to recoup the cost in the resale or, like the renters, find something portable.

These shelves from the new French Connection Home Collection are a great solution. They come in two sizes and two colours and are a new take on the idea of a vintage ladder, which has been seen in bathrooms for a while now. They would work well in a bathroom with a few towels and toiletries, or in any other room for books. You’d have to see if you felt comfortable using them in a kitchen for plates and glasses. There’s no doubt they’d look great but you might need to fix them to the wall, which slightly defeats the object.  from £180


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