365 Objects Of Design, In the detail, Volume II

Objects of Design #54: What a Corker

23rd April 2013
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What a Corker; mirror by Daniel Schofield from fao-shop.com

Cork is having a bit of a trend moment this year and I love the simplicity of this mirror, which reminds me of the shape of the mirror that my Grandmother used to have on her dressing-table ( minus the handle) but created from a more modern material. Well, modern when it’s used for a mirror frame obviously.

This one is made from Portuguese cork which is another good thing as I read somewhere that since everyone had started drinking wine from screw top bottles, the cork industry in Portugal was suffering. Portugal is the biggest producer of cork in the world and apparently 16 per cent of the country’s foreign income is from the export of cork, with Germany, the USA and the UK being the main importers. And you can draw your own conclusions from that.

fao-shop.com £140


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