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Objects Of Design #55: Bulrush Laundry Basket

24th April 2012
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Bulrush Laundry Basket From Toast

Every bathroom needs a laundry basket and maybe it’s a personal thing but please, please, put a lid on it. Somehow it’s just nicer that way. This is handmade from bulrushes and at 56cm high is a good size (it’s 46cm wide by the way).

It may not be the cheapest laundry basket you’ve ever come across but it comes from rushes grown by the River Yangtze, in China, and collecting, drying and weaving provides an income for local craftspeople.

On a practical note, these rush baskets do last really well as well. Mine has been kicked up and downstairs for years and is still going strong.

www.toast.co.uk £69

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