365 Objects Of Design, In the detail, Volume II

Objects of Design #59: Bas Chair

28th April 2013
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Bas chair by housedoctordk from artic-design.co.uk

Bas chair by housedoctordk from artic-design.co.uk

I may (possibly) have mentioned this before but I do love a bit of Danish design and these chairs from the fabulous House Doctor DK brand are no exception. Made from rosewood (also known as sheesham) you can tell by looking that they are comfortable as the back curves gently to meet yours and the legs flair out to make it solid and stable. The only problem is I need six of them …

You might want to investigate this site further. It was founded by a Finn in Italy and aims to bring the best of Scandinavian design to its clients so that’s the two great powerhouses of design of the 20th century linked right there. This may become one of my regular haunts…

artic-design.co.uk £221.85


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