365 Objects Of Design, In the garden, Volume II

Objects of Design #64: Living Larder Raised Planter

3rd May 2013
raised planter living larder from sparrowandfinch.co.uk

raised planter living larder from sparrowandfinch.co.uk

Every year I plan to start a proper herb garden and every year I get no further than a small rosemary bush and a pot of basil for the kitchen – which never lasts very long anyway.

Perhaps I should invest in one of these. Comes in French Gray or Pigeon (no I know the colour’s not really the most important bit but still) and is raised, crucially, so technically you could do the weeding while sitting in a deck chair. You’ll also be closer to the heavenly smell of fresh herbs.

Stick a lavender in as well for flowers and scent and those barbecues are going to be something special this year.



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