365 Objects Of Design, In the garden, Volume II

Objects of Design #77: Tea Light Chandelier

16th May 2013
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tea light chandelier from worm.co.uk

tea light chandelier from worm.co.uk

This series of Objects of Design turns out to be quite heavy on the lighting front but that is because I do think we often consider outdoor lighting as an extravagance and we don’t really want to spend any money on it. I do understand that, but look at this tea light chandelier.  No electricity needed. Just a tree to hang it on and if you haven’t got one of those then you can buy shepherd’s crooks for lanterns, or improvise with the washing line or something.

detail: tea light chandelier

detail: tea light chandelier

Doesn’t it make that whole scene look more inviting? And let’s be honest, last time you went to Ikea, you probably bought a bag of 100 tealights that have been sitting in the cupboard ever since. Well, this’ll use them up for you.

You can also hang it inside too, by the way. It would look lovely over the kitchen table on a winter’s evening. And it’s a slightly friendlier price than the outdoor chandelier featured earlier.

This may well be my next garden purchase. Time to stop talking and start doing. Or, more accurately, shopping.

worm.co.uk £69


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