bathroom wallpaper

Monday Inspiration: Beautiful Rooms

Hallway landing with dark wood banister, jute floor runner, William Morris wallpaper in soft tones, wooden bookcase.image by @home_stead
By many accounts last week was a tricky one, not just because of events in America which will have touched some of you personally, but also the first week of a new year which was, for many us, spent in another lockdown with dire news reports coming in from every direction. So, as usual, I

Monday Inspiration Beautiful Rooms

design by wendy morrison
Monday morning and let's start with the bedroom because since this lockdown started eleventy billion years ago I no longer have to get up at 6.30am to wake the 16yo for school and frankly I'm now not sure I will ever be able to get up before 8 o'clock again. OK sometimes 9... anyway moving

Should I Have A Black And White Bathroom?

Elizabeth contacted Mad About The House to ask for advice on going monochrome in her bathroom. Choose traditional black and white but lay it in an unsual and modern pattern Q: I am about to move into my new house and it needs everything doing. We are thinking about the bathroom first and I have