brass lighting

Save or Splurge: Brass Pendant Light

brass pendant lights Welcome to a new category in the Mad House. While I'm aware that you are all mad about design, I know that everyone's budget differs wildly. As do priorities. Some of you will spend a lot of a light but would rather economise on the carpet. Some of you want an Ikea

Bert Frank Brass lighting

As there is gentle talk of the recession being over and the housing market picks up again, many designers and makers have spoken to me about business returning at long last. But as one said to me last week, this time people want to spend their money on items that will last. There is a

Wood and Brass Stool

brass lights by workstead and stool by another country There were so many wonderful things to see at Clerkenwell that I can't possibly talk about them all, but in addition to the candy coloured salvaged lights I wrote about the other day, another of my highlights was the stand at Another Country. They make my

Hooked by Buster and Punch

hooked by buster and punch lifestyle.jpg
hooked lights from buster + punch Inspired by the lifestyle of 80s rockstars and custom-made motorcycle owners, Buster + Punch is one of my favourite new design studios. Founded by Massimo Buster Minale, the company operates from a Battersea railway arch and a brand new store in Stockholm. The pieces are dark and sexy and