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Hooked by Buster and Punch

7th April 2014
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hooked lights from buster and punch

hooked lights from buster + punch

Inspired by the lifestyle of 80s rockstars and custom-made motorcycle owners, Buster + Punch is one of my favourite new design studios. Founded by Massimo Buster Minale, the company operates from a Battersea railway arch and a brand new store in Stockholm.

The pieces are dark and sexy and unmistakably rock and roll. But they’re also cool and minimal and, with the touches of brass, infinitely desirable. Above are pieces from the debut collection Hooked, made so that you can alter the height of the fitting to suit you.

wingback remix by buster and punch

wingback remix by buster and punch

This chair sums up their ethos perfectly, except that every time I look at this picture I hear Bonnie Tyler, which may not be quite the effect they had in mind. Note the brass plate on the side for a bit of rock n roll glamour but also so you can hang a reading light on there too.

hooked by buster and punch lifestyle.jpg

choose whether you want to go nude – no shade – or to cover your assets

You can also use the hooks in the kitchen for pots and pans which isn’t, perhaps, terribly rock star behaviour but still, the company’s tagline is Live with Conviction which is an admirable stance to take whatever walk of life you’re in.

hooked wall lights from buster and punch

hooked wall lights from buster and punch

Massimo, a designer and architect has also teamed up with Sebastian Mann, whose home some of you will have seen in the current issue of Living Etc (April 2014) and these shots are taken from some of the developments they have worked on together.

minale + mann buster and punch

minale + mann buster and punch

I love all their work and, to be honest, would happily nick all their ideas for interior design too. What do you think?


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  • DD 8th April 2014 at 11:14 am

    “live with conviction ….” – a lighting collection for ex-con’s??

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