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Last week I featured the lights of Buster and Punch and this week I wanted to show you how they use their products in residential spaces.


The company was founded by architect and designer Massimo Minale in 2012. It’s a little bit rock and roll and little bit leather and brass and quite a lot cool.


If any of you have seen this month’s Living Etc, you can take a tour round the home of Sebastian Mann, which is so completely how I would like my own house to look that I may have to completely redecorate. Either that or ask him to move out.


This VIctorian townhouse was the work of their spin off company Buster and Punch Design Lab and includes all their signature pieces – silk quilting, hooked lighting, brass kitchen and bespoke woodwork.


Oh and a 100 year old olive tree situated in a double void space. I could probably live without that, although it is rather beautiful.


There are probably no more than three colours in the whole house but the different shades and tones and the variety of textures leads to a space that feels incredibly rich and indulgent.


I particularly love the crittal, or black-framed steel windows and doors.


What do you think? It’s undeniably a masculine space but I would fee quite happy in it. I might take the guitar off the wall but that’s about it.



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