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Metal Storage Boxes

5th May 2016
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metal storage boxes from cox and cox

metal storage boxes from cox and cox

I hate filing. I really do. I will go to quite extraordinary lengths to avoid doing it, although my excuse is that I can usually find whichever document I need from the relevant pile of waiting-to-be-filed quite fast. It’s when I try and file it and get bored halfway through that the trouble starts. I can also usually find husband’s important documents that he hasn’t filed either, as long as no-one has tried to tidy them up or move them from whichever illogical place I decided they should go while waiting-to-be-filed.

On the other hand, I love stationery. Can’t keep me away from a nice notebook and a good pen. And, on days when I am feeling the need to procrastinate, there is nothing I like more than re-arranging my desk in the name of tidying. Of course, the filing stuff usually just ends up in a big pile on the shelf – still waiting-to-be-filed  – but at at least it’s out of the way completely abandoned.

But. But, I might be able to make an exception for these. Four metal boxes in basically my favourite colours OF ALL TIME. Blush pink, ivory, black and grey with brass handles. I mean phwoar. They’re expensive yes. But for these I would file. Or at least put the four most important things that need filing – bank statements, receipts, school stuff for children and… what else? What else needs filing? See, I’m so good at it I don’t even know what is meant to be filed. Let’s go with contracts and work documents. There. I’ve turned over a new leaf already and I haven’t even bought them yet.

These simple metal storage boxes may be, literally, life-changing. It might actually be criminally wrong of me not to buy them.

If you feel the same way they’re from Cox and Cox.


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  • Mandy 5th May 2016 at 3:34 pm

    They are nice but whoa expensive and I am not sure if you could actually fit files inside them which would make them expensive and useless for filing…but still pretty 🙂

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