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1st December 2015
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Right it’s here; December I mean, which, in turn, means we can finally mention the C-word. Normal rules are suspended and everything is allowed to be a little bit shinier than it was yesterday. So I’m starting off with a small confession. I have just ordered this. Yes I have.

I don’t want to display it all year round but God knows it’s so dark and miserable at this time of year that a little more ambient lighting wouldn’t go amiss. Five years ago I wound a string of fairy lights round the banisters and there they remain to this day. This is partly because the only way to get them off would be with scissors, and partly because the hall has two pendant lights for some reason (probably something to do with it having been two flats at one time) and they are both on the same circuit. This means it’s far too bright for a small, narrow Victorian hallway, so the fairy lights have been a good compromise.

This lightbox, which comes with lots of spare letters, will probably be used more for rude messages and swearing than sappy inspirational messages, with which I have no truck. I have always been a fan of Tracey Emin’s sweary neons and when we painted the downstairs loo in blackboard paint, the children spent many a happy moment in there writing rude words and drawing rude pictures. Or maybe that was our parents, who knows….

I also think it would be quite handy to have by the front door for when himself returns from work; Your Turn To Cook Dinner or Crap Day Fetch Wine. Or possibly: It’s been a crap day, I’ve drunk all the wine and you’ll have to cook.

Then the next day it would just say #Hungover.

Anyway, it’s a bit of fun for December. It runs on batteries or you can plug it in and it’s available from lots of places (click the links above). Perhaps we should start an instagram lightbox thing for Christmas. I’ll start as soon as mine arrives. Let me know if you’re playing.


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  • MariaKajsa 15th February 2016 at 5:56 pm

    I had trouble finding these other places than “A Little Lovely Company”, so I’m pleased to read your alternatives. Thank you:)

  • [email protected] 2nd December 2015 at 4:00 pm

    …..reads blog, visits H&H site, adds to cart…. count me in for the Instagram light box thing. Might distract me from eating salted peanuts (unlikely tho).

  • Fiona Duke 1st December 2015 at 7:12 am

    love these and have been tempted several times….could be a great bit of fun for Christmas like you say and dare I say it maybe even put a smile on a hormonal teenager’s face at this time of year? now that would be worth spending the money !

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