Beautiful Rooms: A touch of Gold

Kate Watson-Smyth looks at ways of introducing gold accents to a scheme. Here the brass vanity unity in a black bathroom helps to bounce the light around the room. #blackbathroom #brasscabinet #madaboutthehouse
I moved my office around last week to put the desk facing the window and noticed how the light caught the metallic gold ceiling. I often catch myself stopping on the way past to have a look in this room and take pleasure in the ceiling and so it has sparked today's Beautiful Rooms post

Colour Psychology for Interiors

Kate Watson-Smyth take a look back at the colour psychology course she attended hosted by Sophie Robinson and Fiona Humberstone. Sophie's former Brighton open-plan apartment was an eclectic mix of colours, patterns and styles. #openplan #sophierobinson #madaboutthehouse
Following on from yesterday's post about how we react emotionally to colour I thought I would look back to the time I did Sophie Robinson's colour course. I found it completely fascinating and bang on and while I don't think she is running this exact course any more she has recently launched an online course

Metal Storage Boxes

metal storage boxes from cox and cox
metal storage boxes from cox and cox I hate filing. I really do. I will go to quite extraordinary lengths to avoid doing it, although my excuse is that I can usually find whichever document I need from the relevant pile of waiting-to-be-filed quite fast. It's when I try and file it and get bored

Monochrome Lightbox

Right it's here; December I mean, which, in turn, means we can finally mention the C-word. Normal rules are suspended and everything is allowed to be a little bit shinier than it was yesterday. So I'm starting off with a small confession. I have just ordered this. Yes I have. from hurn and hurn I

Monochrome Chairs by Florrie + Bill

photo by Holly Booth I've never been a great one for pattern but I am reliably informed (by people who know about such things) that pattern does very well when it comes to furniture. I find this both reassuring and baffling. I would have thought that everyone wanted to buy a plain chair and create

Brass Shelf and Wall Lights from Schoolhouse Electric

brass shelf from schoolhouseelectric
brass wall light and shelf from schoolhouse electric Have you come across Schoolhouse Electric? They're an American company which I have kept an eye on for some time but have held off writing about as their site mentions only US delivery and I know that many of you are in Europe and the UK. brass

Storybook Tea Towels

storybook tea towel by heather alstead
Wouldn't these make the perfect Christmas presents? I really wouldn't mind receiving a tea towel if it was one of these. storybook tea towel by heather alstead Drying the dishes has never been anybody's favourite task, but you've got to hand it to the designers, they really are trying their damndest to ease the pain

Storage Baskets

Hello everyone, it's great to be back! I hope you've all had a good summer. From the look of things you didn't miss me too much as the blog has had a record-breaking month in my absence so I'm going to assume that you enjoyed revisiting those old posts and were re-inspired. Today I wanted

Mad About … Metro Tiles

The trend for metro tiles, brick tiles, even subway tiles if you will, remains perennially popular. Obviously I prefer them in monochrome shades of grey and white, but these days they also come in bright jewel colours, made from glass or even with a crackle glaze finish. If you're planning to retile anywhere soon, take

Cotton Storage Baskets in Monochrome and Coral

So ever since I ran the post of new paint colour combinations last week, I find I have been looking at colour with a far more concentrated eye. The runaway favourite of the colours was this basalt and marigold from Little Greene. So, you can imagine when I saw the Waves collection from Caslon and

Save or Splurge: Graphic Monochrome Rug

black and white rug from westelm.jpg
black and white rugs Week two of the new series: Boom/Bust and this week we are looking at monochrome rugs. Black and white is still a strong colour combination and will be a continuing trend next season. Of course for some it never went away no matter what the fashion forecasters say. The joy of

The Easter Bunny by HAM

easter bunnies from Hammade
easter bunnies from Hammade It's Easter weekend and what better way to celebrate than with a bunch of bouncing bunnies. I have featured the work of Jo Robinson of H A M before. I own one of her mugs and a tea towel, but those were pigs and these are rabbits. rabbit silhouette designs from

Striped picnic blankets and cushions

grey striped garden cushions from nordic house
grey striped garden cushions from nordic house It's been nearly a week of sunshine (not that I'm counting or anything) and operation fantasy garden is in full swing. I've found the perfect elegant lounging chair, some great accessories for eating outside and now this gorgeous quilted picnic blanket and cool striped cushions. I'm not one

Inuk Design from Greenland

inuk design greenland
inuk design greenland When I started this blog I wanted to show you products and designs that you might not otherwise find yourselves. I also wanted to help the smaller designers and manufacturers reach a wider audience so they might increase sales and you might be able to find those individual pieces that give your

Black or White Laundry Bag

H&M white laundry bag costs £12 Sometimes it's the simple things that bring the most pleasure. And today that simple thing is a laundry bag. My beautiful (and rather expensive hyacinth) basket has finally died. This may have rather more to do with Enid Cat using it as a chew toy and bolt hole than

The Paper Bag

the paper bag by be-poles provides useful storage available from peastyle
the paper bag by be-poles provides useful storage available from peastyle I don't know about you but I have always loved the American habit of using large brown paper bags to cart things back from the supermarket. Leaving aside its eco-friendly credentials, it's much easier to carry a heavy bag under one arm rather than

Scandi Interiors

grey kitchen norway
As many of you will know, I'm not the most technologically savvy person around. In many ways it is nothing short of a miracle (and a testament to the genius of Google) that this blog even exists. Anyway, during a meeting at my agent's office last week (I know, I may never get tired of

Objects of Design #49: Tea Towels of the Week

  day of the week tea towels from fermliving There are some chores which remain boring which ever way you look at them and drying up is certainly one of them. Despite that, I must confess to a sneaking love for tea towels. No. I don't know why either. Maybe it's because they are affordable

Monochrome Magic in Holland

On the recent blogtour trip to New York, I met Dutch blogger Desiree, of Vosges Paris and she has kindly allowed us to have a nose around her fabulous home in Amsterdam, which like Desiree herself, is dressed almost entirely in black and white. As fellow lover of monochrome, I am delighted to welcome her

Mad About … Dark Bathrooms

The black and white bathroom is a true classic. It works in both a contemporary and a traditional setting and always manages to look fresh and clean. In addition to this, you can dress it anyway you want with the addition of brightly coloured towels in yellow or orange. Keep it feminine with pops of