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Hello everyone, it’s great to be back! I hope you’ve all had a good summer. From the look of things you didn’t miss me too much as the blog has had a record-breaking month in my absence so I’m going to assume that you enjoyed revisiting those old posts and were re-inspired.

Today I wanted to keep it simple and if there’s one thing I feel the need to do after the summer it’s to get organised. These raffia baskets from Design Vintage seemed like exactly the right thing.


I love the idea of fixing them to the wall so you can just throw everything in. That would also provide a welcome distraction at about 4pm when you could spent a happy 20 minutes seeing how good your aim was before writing those last couple of emails and packing up for the day … ha ha!

storage baskets from

I also love the monochrome numbered storage baskets at the top which have a pvc lining so they can be wiped clean making them perfect for the bathroom. Or these black and white striped ones below which are larger – 30cm x 30cm.


On the whole I prefer the monochrome bags to the baskets which might be a little too rustic for my house but then I saw these, on the same site, and the leather handles sold me.


These come as a set of two and cost £45. So, September. Storage. Done. At least the promise of organisation is there …

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