Plastic Free Storage, Cooking and Serving Bowls

hokan bowls via plastic free storage
It's been a while since I shared a proper Object of Design as I try, for the most part, to make this blog about advice and inspiration rather than straightforward shopping, but today I want to show you something that I really just think is brilliant. Before Christmas I was sent a set of Hokan

Metal Storage Boxes

metal storage boxes from cox and cox
metal storage boxes from cox and cox I hate filing. I really do. I will go to quite extraordinary lengths to avoid doing it, although my excuse is that I can usually find whichever document I need from the relevant pile of waiting-to-be-filed quite fast. It's when I try and file it and get bored

Metal Magazine Rack

Now I don't know if my magazine habit is a particularly bad one. I may, in fact, be no better or worse than you. I mean I have a large coffee table, which, although it is mainly used as a repository for coffee table books (part of the job description) and glasses of wine (an

City Coat Rack

Now these are fun. Coat racks in the shape of city skylines. There are around 40 to choose from, although before you get too excited, they're designed by Michael Rosing for German company Radius Design, so we're talking about 32 German cities and some others. But the others are a good selection of the big

Storage Baskets

Hello everyone, it's great to be back! I hope you've all had a good summer. From the look of things you didn't miss me too much as the blog has had a record-breaking month in my absence so I'm going to assume that you enjoyed revisiting those old posts and were re-inspired. Today I wanted

How To Plan The Perfect Kitchen

This kitchen was on my moodboard for my own. From via pinterest At first it might seem overwhelming trying to plan the perfect kitchen, but the chances are you've already worked out what's annoying you about your current one, so you might as well use that as a starting point and begin by thinking

The Perfect Storage Desk

As much as I love the idea of a simple trestle table or industrial trolley for a desk, I also know that I'm an inveterate hoarder. A creator of piles. A stuffer of drawers. As often as I tell you that you can operate with nothing but a simple table - yes I do work

Freestanding Kitchen Unit

freestanding kitchen cupboard from westelm
freestanding kitchen cupboard from westelm Now I'm not normally one for painted furniture and the retro look but I would totally make an exception for this. Along with wanting a black kitchen (something it turns out that many of you desire too) I would like to have only freestanding units. It's hideously impractical I know.

Vintage Industrial Shelving

vintage industrial shelving from design vintage
  vintage industrial shelving from design vintage   I don't know about you but I have several dream kitchens. The one I currently own is definitely one of them. A few tweaks here and there - enough space for a slouchy sofa for example - and after that it's perfect. But I have another dream

Objects Of Design #118: Large Oak Shelf Ladder

Of course you can build shelves in your alcoves but that will cost the same as buying these (at least) and you can't take them with you when you move. In addition to that, these have graduated shelves so you could put those bigger books at the bottom and keep the paperbacks above, or use

Objects Of Design #104: Leonhard Pfeifer Farringdon Desk

It's true that for many of us a desk, rather than a corner of the kitchen table, is a luxury. But, if you have managed to squeeze a little study space out of a corner of your abode, this desk is the one to put in it. It's sleek, clean lines mean that it will

Objects Of Design #101: Bit On The Side High Shelving

Who hasn't at some point gazed at the overflowing bookshelves with extra books stuffed into any available space or lying two or three deep across the top and wished that there was just a little bit more room? This clever shelf has taken that idea and added a bit on the side, which is just

Objects Of Design #100: Illusion End Table

  We made it. This is the 100th Object of Design (only another 265 to go . . .) so we thought we'd celebrate by showing you something incredibly expensive that you can barely see. Well, yes that is what you're thinking isn't it? Made from crystal clear lucite it's one way to make sure

Objects Of Design #95: Reclaimed Ladder

  Oh the joys of an old wooden ladder. I have, several times, had to be restrained from nicking paint-stained wooden ladder from various builders I have known. I wanted a ladder to slide along my kitchen shelves but it turned out the units were in the way. Then I wanted a ladder to reach

Objects Of Design #93: Nimbus Shelf

  Another month, another series in the epic 365 Objects of Design. This month we'll be looking at storage. Books and media, coat racks and magazine racks,  shelves and trolleys. We can't promise to include everything but by the end of the month, you should have a solution to storing almost anything you ever wanted

Objects Of Design #77: Flux Chair

  If space is at a premium, either indoors or out, then these delightful chairs might just be the answer. Designed by Douwe Jacobs, they transform from a flat envelope with a handle into a chair. Yes, that's right, chair. And it's a pretty comfy one too. And before you ask it can take up

365 Objects Of Design #19: Quattro Stagioni Storage Jars

Part of the Kitchen Essentials Series It's all very well buying a set of pre-labelled storage jars until you realise that you don't want the tea one and if you do put the lentils in it instead you will never find them again. These plain glass jars come in all sizes from spice to spaghetti