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Objects Of Design #77: Flux Chair

16th May 2012
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If space is at a premium, either indoors or out, then these delightful chairs might just be the answer. Designed by Douwe Jacobs, they transform from a flat envelope with a handle into a chair. Yes, that’s right, chair. And it’s a pretty comfy one too. And before you ask it can take up to 160kg in weight (that’s over 25 stone). They’re made from recyclable polypropelene and you can buy seat cushions and a wall mount to hang them on too. Great for the balcony and the unexpected guest or for taking to the park even. Trust me, if you’ve ever spent any time perched on that low hard wall in the park while the children cycle round and round. And round again, you’ll know what I mean.

www.designandstyle.co.uk £109

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