Objects Of Design #80: Zinc Window Box

  These shiny zinc window boxes make a change from all that galvanized steel and lead that's always around.  Stick one of these on the window and fill it with herbs - the smell will be lovely - or add a mix of flowers for a bit more colour. Whatever you choose it can be

Objects Of Design #77: Flux Chair

  If space is at a premium, either indoors or out, then these delightful chairs might just be the answer. Designed by Douwe Jacobs, they transform from a flat envelope with a handle into a chair. Yes, that's right, chair. And it's a pretty comfy one too. And before you ask it can take up

Objects Of Design #75: Vertiplant

  We've been comfortable with the idea of building up when there's no more room to go along for a long time, so why not do the same with the planting? If you've run out of space in the garden or have only a tiny balcony then these are the perfect solution. Reminiscent of the

Objects Of Design #69: Large Bistro Set

There's a smaller version of this charming set which would be perfect for the balcony or roof terrace but I fancied this picture so this is the one we are looking at today. (My blog my rules). Anyway, the painted metal look never goes out of fashion, it's easy to move around - from sunspot

Objects Of Design #62: Moon Chair

Another month, another series of Objects of Design. In May we'll be looking at gorgeous things for the garden. Or roof terrace. Or balcony. However big or small your little outside patch there will be something to fit in it. From pots for the window sill to sofas for the verandah. It's all here and