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Objects Of Design #75: Vertiplant

14th May 2012
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If you can't go out go up

We’ve been comfortable with the idea of building up when there’s no more room to go along for a long time, so why not do the same with the planting? If you’ve run out of space in the garden or have only a tiny balcony then these are the perfect solution. Reminiscent of the living wall idea, which you can totally create if you buy enough of these, you can have them indoors with herbs or use them to decorate or hide an ugly wall outside.

The top one has drainage holes down to the bottom one and each one can take up to 16 plants and there are stainless steel eyelets for fixing to the wall.

www.balconygardener.com £12.95

Think big. From gardenhousedesign.co.uk

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