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Objects Of Design #74: Gat Garden Chair

13th May 2012
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Comfortable outdoor dining

If I had one of these in my garden I think I would eat outside from breakfast till dinner. Perfect for those long lazy lunches when everyone sits around all afternoon having “just one more” drink until lunch has turned into dinner and you couldn’t stand up if you wanted to.

Admittedly, sitting by the infinity pool that is also pictured here would help matters, but they’d look pretty good on any lawn, deck or roof terrace. And, if you can’t run to a full set, then buy two for the ends of the table and fill in the gaps with a few white PS Vagos: See Objects Of Design #67 www.madaboutthehouse.com/2012/05/06/objects-of-design-67-ikea-ps-vago/


www.gomodern.co.uk £320

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