Objects Of Design #114 Metal Storage Stand

Made by a relatively new Devon-based company, this set of wrought iron shelves has clean modern lines and will work in any room of the house. It's been styled for the kitchen in this shot, but you can imagine it full of towels in the bathroom, piles of t-shirts in the kids' rooms, or for

Objects Of Design #74: Gat Garden Chair

If I had one of these in my garden I think I would eat outside from breakfast till dinner. Perfect for those long lazy lunches when everyone sits around all afternoon having "just one more" drink until lunch has turned into dinner and you couldn't stand up if you wanted to. Admittedly, sitting by the

Objects Of Design #65: Zinc Planters

  These really are beautiful, although I appreciate that at this price, you won't be grouping them on the deck anytime soon. However, a single one with a large camelia or magnolia in, or perhaps a wisteria by the front door, will look stunning and have the added advantage of being to heavy for anyone