Norr 11 Danish Furniture Launch

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Well it wouldn’t be the Mad House if we didn’t find some fabulous Scandi furniture to show you and this is Norr11 which has just launched in the UK.

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The company takes its inspiration from cultures around the world and then reimagines pieces influenced by Danish Modern design to create timeless furniture.

NORR11-031111 Korn

Before we go any further I feel compelled to point out that these are the official press pictures so the grainy look is clearly an intentional part of the look. It’s not your computer. Or mine come to that…. So that dealt with what do you think?

NORR11-031102 Korn

I really feel that if nothing else in 2015 it’s time to stop buying stuff for the sake of it and just concentrate on things we really love and want. I’m trying to do that with my wardrobe these days (maybe it’s an age thing) one really good pair of trousers instead of three pairs of cheap ones. I think actually it must be an age thing; I know what suits me now and, crucially, what I like. I wear things from ten years ago – especially boots and shoes – so, I want to bring the same ethos to the home. The odd cheap, fun thing to accessorise but the main pieces must be things that I know I will love for years.

NORR11-031050 Korn

Things that may even improve with age (leather is a case in point) as well as classic, comfortable pieces. I may take a stroll down to South Molton Street, where this shop is based, to have look at things IRL, as they say.


I shall report back… UPDATE: I have recommended the so-called rough table to several clients this year. It’s a fantastic piece and works really well in both a modern and country environment. If I needed a kitchen table this would definitely be in my top three considerations. You can see it above in the grainy artistic aerial view of a table and I’ve also seen an image with the trestle legs sprayed gold. If you want to have a closer looks it’s here.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 15.55.30

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  1. Hi, great post, gorgeous furniture and I couldn’t agree more! I set out clearing out my wardrobe yesterday and found it easier than ever now that I’ve reached and age where I finally understand what suits me and fits with my lifestyle. I’ve long been a fan of Skandi style and all its rustic minimalism. It’s a grown up look that never dates and one I find myself returning to time and again, once I’m done experimenting of course. A bit like my wardrobe edit, at home I intend to focus on getting the basics right, whilst still making room for those special items that add all the fun.

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