Handvärk – A New Danish Furniture Company

I’m so excited to show you my latest shop discovery as I think you are going to love it. Handvärk is a new Danish furniture brand with a small, but beautifully, curated collection of furniture made mainly from steel, brass, leather and marble. Are you in? I thought so.


It was set up only three months ago, is already doing well in Scandinavia and I’m proud to be the first UK blogger to tell you about it. As I write the only real-life shops are in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Bergen and Oslo, but the company will ship all over Europe – and I have some news about that later on.

Let’s get to the furniture first. The collection includes several versions of a coffee table, side table, high table, desk and dining table. Seriously, here are all the tables you need. Unless you want a round one but that’s not very Danish so we won’t get into that. But there is *swoon* a leather day bed.


Now, what is very Danish is the belief that form and function are equally valuable. So the materials are high end and beautifully put together and you need nothing more than that. The marble comes in white, green or black, the legs are steel and the fittings brass or black.

Emil Thorupp, the founder and designer of Handvärk, says: “For a number of years, the Danes have shown incredible skills in woodwork, however, I found myself missing an alternative, in which other natural materials could be the cornerstone of the design. I am incredibly fond of metals and stone and felt that we were lacking a brand daring enough to experiment with these kinds of materials, whilst still sustaining the simple and applicable Nordic DNA.


“For this exact reason I created Handvärk – a premium brand offering handcrafted furniture in steel, iron, brass, marble and leather of the highest quality. These are all very precious and heavy materials to work with, which means I have had to come up with innovative solutions in regard to the production, assembling and packing of the products. This was hugely important to me, as it’s been the main focus of mine to keep the prices at an attractive level.”

Ah yes the prices. Well here are some examples: the dining table above with black fittings and a white marble top is £1,583. The high table below which is black marble with brass fittings is £704. A white marble coffee table with black fittings is £275 and the most expensive item is the leather sofa bed which is either £1,983 or £2,074 depending on the fittings.


Now, the surprise I promised you earlier is that given that it’s furniture the shipping costs are usually pretty high – around £55. But, for one month from today (27 October 2015), if you want to buy something you get free shipping. Now I should tell you that the company has also said that if any of you do buy anything in addition to free shipping for you, I will get 10 per cent of the retail price (minus VAT). Which means they are being kind to both of us, and, as I have said before, I only write about things that I would have in my own house and right now I’m thinking I fancy that that high table for starters.


I have tried to show you a detail of the materials below as it can be so difficult to make big purchases online. There are better images on Handvärk, but basically the white marble is from Italy, the green from India and the black from Spain. The fittings are handmade in the EU and the leather is Swedish – organic and tanned with olive oil. It’s practically edible. It’s also used in BMW’s hybrid models.

table tops

And that’s probably about all I can tell you. Do let me know what you think in the comments below. And, of course if you decide to buy anything. The code, by the way, is MADHOUSE.



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  1. Gorgeous! I love the combination of the marble and metal, with the brass brackets, just perfect. I’m eyeing up that high table too, and the day bed looks amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. OH.MY.GOODNESS. What an amazing find. I have no money or space at the moment, but I’m damned if I’m not ordering something form here. Thank you for sharing!

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