Wood Brass Sideboard

wood and brass sideboard from
wood and brass sideboard from Wood brass sideboard did you say? Well feast your eyes people. Just feast. I get asked so many times by clients about sideboards and a good sideboard is surprisingly hard to find. In that you can easily find lots for squillions of pounds. But, for some reason, in the

Round Mirrored Tray

round mirrored tray from H&M It's only the second of the month and already I have bought one thing (yesterday's lightbox) and am about to buy another - this tray. I love trays. I have no idea why. Perhaps it's the ceremonial aspect of them. Bringing in a tray with two mugs or glasses on

Handvärk – A New Danish Furniture Company

I'm so excited to show you my latest shop discovery as I think you are going to love it. Handvärk is a new Danish furniture brand with a small, but beautifully, curated collection of furniture made mainly from steel, brass, leather and marble. Are you in? I thought so. It was set up only three

Brass Flower Ceiling Light

So when you've painted your walls in a fabulous neutral shade (by which I mean grey of any description) or left them white and painted the cornicing only in a distinctive shade (by which I might mean grey of any description) you need to start adding in the furniture and lighting. Now, for those of

Brass Shelf and Wall Lights from Schoolhouse Electric

brass shelf from schoolhouseelectric
brass wall light and shelf from schoolhouse electric Have you come across Schoolhouse Electric? They're an American company which I have kept an eye on for some time but have held off writing about as their site mentions only US delivery and I know that many of you are in Europe and the UK. brass

Mad About… Urban Glamour

alternative flooring pencher light from copper and silk and brass shelves from the mint list
alternative flooringcopper and silkthe mint list Today is quite simply a round up of a few of my favourite things. I was going to tell you how Mother came to stay last week and that in between telling me my toast had a hole in (it was a bagel) and accusing the cat of being

Brass Chandelier

At a meeting with a client the other day, we were working our way around her house room by room when we came to the bedroom. A huge light space with a large brass bedstead and a Loaf Bagsie sofa in one corner (I told you it was big), she showed me the bare bulb

Mad About … Painting It Black

My love of grey paint is not entirely news to you, but recently I have been thinking of taking it a step further. the madaboutthehouse sitting room as featured on This is my sitting room as photographed recently for the platform. The walls are painted in Farrow & Balls's  Downpipe as are the library

Copper and Brass From H&M

black walls and copper candlesticks
copper home accessories from H&M A/W 14 collections Sometimes you just see a collection of photographs and they're so gorgeous you have to share them. These are from the new collection at H&M Home which is either in store or coming very soon so I thought you might like to see them again. black walls and copper

Gold, White or Nickel Pendant

rose gold, chalky white and nickel pendant lights from rose and grey
rose gold, chalky white and nickel pendant lights from rose and grey I don't know whether I'm more excited at the affordability of these fabulous gold and nickel pendant lights, or the fact that they have been photographed against a navy blue wall. Even the nickel one looks warm and inviting against this soft blue

Save or Splurge : Brass and Glass Coffee Tables

I'd like to think that by the time you read this we will have had a call about the delivery of the new sofa. We won't. It's supposed to be here in the week ending 11 July. He thinks it will come at 6pm that day. I think it will be late. We'll see who

Trend: Birdcages

tweetie pendant light by jake phipps Remember the bowler hat light designed by Jake Phipps that was everywhere for a while. Well, he's back and this time he's made the Tweetie light. Sometimes you just need to have a little fun with your interiors and while this is, admittedly, an expensive way to do that,

Bert Frank Brass lighting

As there is gentle talk of the recession being over and the housing market picks up again, many designers and makers have spoken to me about business returning at long last. But as one said to me last week, this time people want to spend their money on items that will last. There is a

Cord Cables and Brass Fittings

pink cable light brass fitting
It has taken me months and months but, finally, I have switched the pendant light fittings over to cord cables and brass or bronze fittings instead of that awful white plastic. It's also a great opportunity to show off the different lights we have in the house. Starting at the top is the lovely Lee

Brass Wall Planters

brass wall planters from rowen and wren
brass wall planters from rowen and wren Well it wouldn't be Mad About The House if there was a little weekly dose of brass and, as I did a talk at the May Design series at the weekend in which we spoke about which interiors trends are here to stay and which are fads, I

Brass Handles

brass handles
brass handles It's no secret that I do have a bit of a brass thing going on at the moment. Having said that, so do many of you. I have been asked several times where to source brass handles as it's a quick and easy way to bring a little bit of the look into

Brass Desk Lamp

brass and metal lamp
brass desk lamp from Isn't this brass desk lamp gorgeous? It would also be great on a bedside table, or even in a sitting room where it will provide a counterpoint to all the cushions and soft furnishings. I think this might fall into my category of: if you buy only one thing this

Mad About… Grey Interiors

Last week I featured the lights of Buster and Punch and this week I wanted to show you how they use their products in residential spaces. The company was founded by architect and designer Massimo Minale in 2012. It's a little bit rock and roll and little bit leather and brass and quite a lot

Gold and Copper Industrial Stools

metallic industrial style bar stools An industrial stool spray painted in copper or gold metallic paint. What could be lovelier? It comes in two heights as well so you can use at a kitchen island or at the table as extra seating. copper, gold or iron bar stool comes in two heightsThere are three colours,

Objects of Design #137: Metallic Kitchen Accessories

metallic kitchenware: clockwise from top copper and glass storage jar, brass trivets, medium storage jar and brass knife holder Metallics has been a strong trend for a while now but it has mainly centred around wallpapers and lights, with little opportunity to bring it into the kitchen, which has remained resolutely chrome or stainless steel