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At a meeting with a client the other day, we were working our way around her house room by room when we came to the bedroom. A huge light space with a large brass bedstead and a Loaf Bagsie sofa in one corner (I told you it was big), she showed me the bare bulb dangling from the ceiling.

“I don’t know what to do here,” she said pointing to a rather sad looking chandelier sitting forlornly on top of her wardrobe.

The chandelier had been bought from an antique shop in Notting Hill, but the prohibitive cost of rewiring it meant it was likely to stay there for ever more. In addition to which, she had decided (and I agreed) that a chandelier is a bit of cliche in a bedroom.

By the time you’ve got all those fluffy duvets and pillows and a soft rug and a cosy loveseat and some cushions, you need something with a bit of edge. Otherwise it’s like walking into a giant marshmallow. Which might be all well and good for sleeping but you need to wake up in the morning and look at something with a bit of oomph. A bit of edge to give you purpose and resolve for the day ahead. Something that reminds you of your younger, ballsier, teenage self when everything was possible every day.

Then I found this. And it was on sale. So yes, it’s still over £1,500 for a light but it will totally transform her bedroom and her mindset in the morning. So it’s not just a lamp, it’s practically a therapist. Which makes it a very reasonable price indeed.

It costs £1,695 Autumn 2014 price (reduced from £2,125) from Barker and Stonehouse.

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