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Bow Linen Cushion

25th September 2014


Cushions can be surprisingly controversial can’t they? For every one person who suggests changing the decor seasonally by swapping cushion covers, there are three more who leap furiously out from the wings shouting about how pointless cushions are and what a waste of space.

bow-linen-cushion-mustard-3551 (1)

I agree to to a point. Never put cushions on a bed. Really can’t see the point. But I do like a cushion on a chair or a sofa. Increasingly in fact. Not least because I, like many of you I suspect, tend to choose plain fabrics for large items of furniture so it’s a way of adding some pattern and colour. It’s also, and this might be an age thing, a way of customising said sofa or chair to accommodate one’s personal lumps and bumps and aches and pains.


So, cushions. Pros and cons? Where do you stand. I love these from Mia Fleur which would go a treat on my new charcoal velvet sofa. You can have them personalised but that’s a whole different story and one that I suspect is no less controversial so we won’t go into that today.


But I will come off my diplomatic fence and say that I do like the idea of using different shaped cushions with toning, but different patterns. These rectangles with either ruffles or bobbles look great with the squares and the large bow. They cost from £32 and come with a duck filling.


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