Wood Brass Sideboard

wood and brass sideboard from
wood and brass sideboard from

Wood brass sideboard did you say? Well feast your eyes people. Just feast. I get asked so many times by clients about sideboards and a good sideboard is surprisingly hard to find. In that you can easily find lots for squillions of pounds. But, for some reason, in the -I just want something nice and don’t want to bankrupt myself/sell a child/remortgage the house category – it’s a bit trickier.

The modern ones are often very beautiful yes,  but if I were to spend £3,000 on one of those then I would probably have to sit on the floor and that’s not an option at my time of life. We are currently using the bottom half of an antique pine dresser that came from my mother’s house many years ago. It’s a good dose of natural wood in the room. It’s a great dose of antique. But one of the doors is hanging off and the other is covered in a disproportionate amount of red crayon. This is ok because the chaise longue is arranged casually in front of it so you don’t notice. Well I do, but if you dropped in for a cup of coffee you probably wouldn’t. It’s not ideal. I need a sideboard.

And then suddenly what do you know? In the middle of a three hour search for such items – one for a private client and one for an office I am doing, I found this beauty. Wood and brass. The top picture is actually a media unit (hideous term) but I don’t agree with those, so I might just use it as a sort of sideboard anyway. The point is that it has holes at the back for cable access if you need it to.

The one in the middle below is technically the sideboard. Both pieces are 150cm long, 45cm deep and the sideboard is 75cm high while the other is 45cm high. The attention to detail is worth noting; the brass isn’t just inside the shelf but along the drawer tops as well. The sideboard is £599, the other is £349. Worth thinking about, I feel. What do you think?

wood and brass anderson collection from
wood and brass anderson collection from

The Anderson collection is new at 

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