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15th December 2014
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Today is quite simply a round up of a few of my favourite things. I was going to tell you how Mother came to stay last week and that in between telling me my toast had a hole in (it was a bagel) and accusing the cat of being too fat, she also suggested the blog might be a little too urban for her taste and my own good.

black white and brass

workstead buster and punch another country urban outfitters

Now I love my mother dearly (and she probably isn’t even reading this) but that made me wonder if I should perhaps be catering for what she would call countryside set. Then 24 hours later the British rapper Professor Green tweeted that he was “thoroughly addicted” to Mad About The House. So I thought hey, I shall carry on. It is, after all, a reflection of my taste and discoveries which I like to share with you and anybody who likes it is welcome to drop in any time.

So here, for a Monday, are some of the finds that are currently rocking my (unashamedly urban) world. Obviously there is no reason why any of these pieces shouldn’t go in a country cottage. I rather like mixing things up in an unexpected way and while I don’t imagine that Mother will take to the idea of a black and neon sofa, the combination of grey and brass is one of my favourites and will fit just about anywhere.

These are also finds from some of my favourite stores, familiar to some and, perhaps, new discoveries for others. Click the links in the captions to be taken to the relevant pages, they start in the top left and go clockwise.

Regular readers will know that I am always talking about my fantasy loft or my dream kitchen. Here, for the record, are some of the elements I would incorporate in my sitting room.


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  • Lianne 15th December 2014 at 9:43 am

    haha, well, while I only read most of the blogs I subscribed to ± once every month, I read your posts every single morning before work. Don’t cater for anybody please, just do what you do …everybody can figure out for themselves if they see it fit for their own style.

    • Kate Watson-Smyth 18th December 2014 at 7:45 am

      Gosh, I’m so touched by your comments Lianne, thank you so much. I feel completely inspired to carry on!

  • Deborah Richards 15th December 2014 at 9:31 am

    Well, from deepest remote, rural Cornwall I for one love the urban because there is just far too much Contrived Living in the allegedly country press! Many comments of where did you see that? Where did you find that or that’s so original… Your house is so different/original/urban country mix! Most of my ideas start life at Mad! The places mentioned, links given, thoughts provoked into ideas to suit my rather colourful mad house!

    Please Kate don’t change too much! Continue to inspire find eclectic things for me to covet and combine! I don’t want my home looking like your blog but more a place where your blog would feel at home – not to mention Enidcat!

    Ooh and Happy Christmas!

    • Kate Watson-Smyth 18th December 2014 at 7:46 am

      Happy Christmas to you too Deborah! Thank you so much for your kind words. Looking forward to bringing you lots of fabulous things in the New Year.

  • Alice Prier 28th April 2014 at 9:44 am

    Perfect for the countryside – as in Hampstead Heath.

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