Brass Wall Planters

brass wall planters from rowen and wren
brass wall planters from rowen and wren

Well it wouldn’t be Mad About The House if there was a little weekly dose of brass and, as I did a talk at the May Design series at the weekend in which we spoke about which interiors trends are here to stay and which are fads, I feel qualified to tell you that metallics are here to stay and that there is a definite move away from copper towards the warmer, yellow metals.

Add to that the other emerging trend: house plants are back – and you can’t really lose with these. Now, obviously you can put them inside or outside. I’m thinking in my kitchen filled with herbs. Or in my dark grey (another colour trend that’s staying around for a bit longer) sitting room as a beautiful contrast.

The small one is £42 and the larger (which measures a fantastic 43cm wide) is £62. Mind you the smaller one is 31cm wide so it can easily stand alone if you wanted it to.

They’re from Rowen and Wren if you fancy.

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