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Salvaged Candy Lamps

22nd May 2014
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candy coloured salvage metal light shades

the candy collection by auxilium salvage

At this year’s Clerkenwell Design week, it seemed that these candy coloured lights were the surprise hit as visitor after visitor tweeted or posted their picture. They’re made by a new company called Auxilium Salvage, founded by Katie Warren,  and have been “rescued” from a disused cable factory in Germany and restored and resprayed into all these different colours.

Katie prepares, hand-sprays and restores each lamp herself. She deliberately leaves some of the dents as a reminder of their origin and they are painted in contrasting colours inside and out. But these are only an example; you can choose your colours as well as the shade of flex you prefer so you can completely customise according to the room you want to hang them in.

repurposed lights from auxilium

repurposed lights from auxilium

This is Katie’s first collection. She’s currently working on a second as well as some other restoration projects so keep an eye on her site.

They cost £275 and they’re big. Now the only issue is which colours will you choose?

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