City Coat Rack

Now these are fun. Coat racks in the shape of city skylines.

london city coat rack by michael rosing

There are around 40 to choose from, although before you get too excited, they’re designed by Michael Rosing for German company Radius Design, so we’re talking about 32 German cities and some others.

paris city coat rack

But the others are a good selection of the big ones, including all the ones shown here, and also Berlin (well yes obviously), Barcelona, Amersterdam, Istanbul, Sydney and Venice.

new york city coat rack

There’s also one of the Alps, although for my money – €79 since you ask – that’s just a tad dull.

milan city coat rack

I really can’t decide which I like best. Milan is pretty cool as is LA but then again what about New York and, of course, Paris?

LA city coat rack by michael rosing

It would be quite fun to just put them end to end along as much wall as you have and create a kind of global mural. Which one will you choose?


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