Brass Handles

brass handles
brass handles

It’s no secret that I do have a bit of a brass thing going on at the moment. Having said that, so do many of you. I have been asked several times where to source brass handles as it’s a quick and easy way to bring a little bit of the look into your own homes.

I’m aware that, depending on what you choose, it’s not necessarily a cheap way to do it. But I said quick and easy, which it is.

Anyway here are my current favourites. From the top left School House Electric  have several different handles and knobs at varying price points. As we established last week, they’re happy to ship all over the world and at least handles aren’t as heavy as a brass shelf. The reason I included these is because put brass handles into Google and you get hundreds of modern, shiny, round monstrosities. Which is, presumably, why I get so many requests to look for them. The cheapest of these is $10.

Next up is this beauty from Anthropologie for £14, which will mount up over a whole kitchen but is cheaper than a whole new cupboard. It’s quite big at 11.4cm so do check first that the whole thing isn’t overwhelming. Otherwise try them on wardrobe or cupboard doors elsewhere in the house.

Down to the Holy Wafer from Superfront, the company, which I mentioned a few weeks ago, makes handles and door fronts to fit all Ikea cupboards. This is rather subtle and lovely and costs €15.95. But if you’ve saved on the cupboards, handles like this will make all the difference. Remember you can save on the bigger items if you make sure that the touch points – handles, light switches, bannister etc are done well.

Below that is this leather and brass pull handle from Courtyard Accessories, which is where I bought my kitchen handles from. Mine are black with chrome rivets as I have a stainless steel work top. The day my ship comes in, my prince arrives or I pick the winning lottery numbers that’s coming straight out to be replaced with a Parisian bistro zinc style top and these handles. This version is about £17, mine were about £12 but remember my kitchen has open shelving so I didn’t need as many as you might.

Finally, the daddy of them all. Buster and Punch have made these beauties from solid brass and they cost £30 but look at them. Dump all plans for a Poggenpohl or handcrafted cabinet and get down to Ikea for some cheap cupboards that you can dress up with these beauties.




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  1. Congratulations on your win Kate! Just wanted to ask what happens when you spill stuff on the leather handles in your kitchen? Do they stain?

    1. Hi Steph, thank you! Well I don’t think they do really. But then I am firmly of the school of thought that says leather gets better with age so I probably wouldn’t worry if I did spill anything. I had black leather handles for about five years and recently went to tan. Still love ’em, still think they age well. XK

  2. i found you through google typing ” brass handles ”

    Really like your article re – brass handles.

    I was desperately looking for a pull up very discret brass one that would look fab on an ikea dark brown long front door kitchen cupboard, so def will looking into the Superfront guys !!

    Just FYI – i found these guys in Oz , they have 1/2 moon brass handle to dye for – im looking into 30cm hight 🙂 – expensive , but like you said, it would def make an “cheap” kitchen stands out. Cant wait to receive them 🙂

    keep up your articles coming ! 🙂

    merci, Diane

  3. Hello,
    Great selection of handles! Wondering how you like your leather loop handles and if you have posted a photo of your kitchen?

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