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Gold, White or Nickel Pendant

17th July 2014
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rose gold, chalky white and nickel pendant lights from rose and grey

rose gold, chalky white and nickel pendant lights from rose and grey

I don’t know whether I’m more excited at the affordability of these fabulous gold and nickel pendant lights, or the fact that they have been photographed against a navy blue wall. Even the nickel one looks warm and inviting against this soft blue wall and there was I ranting about how chrome and silver were old and over. Except when it’s pewter. Or nickel. Obvs.

I’m also a little bit happy that the collection doesn’t include a copper one because we’ve seen a lot of copper and, as I may have mentioned, I’m a big fan of the yellow metals. I would buy three (fantasy shopping alert) but two in gold and one in nickel. Or perhaps just one, but then I would spend a little extra changing the cable over to a cord one. I have just done that in my house with all the pendant lights and while many people don’t even notice, I do. And it makes me happy.

Cord cable is only about a fiver a metre so if you can wire it yourself, it’s a cheap change and totally worth it. I bought matching ceiling roses (small ones) so that pushed the cost up a little. And I had to pay the electrician because I wasn’t entirely confident about my rewiring skills. I did make notes while he was doing it mind you, and if I’ve got the courage to stand on the ladder (it’s a very high ceiling) I will, in theory do it myself next time.

brass lamp detail

brass lamp detail


They’re £44.95 from Rose and Grey by the way.

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