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Trend: Birdcages

26th June 2014
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tweetie pendant light by jake phipps

tweetie pendant light by jake phipps

Remember the bowler hat light designed by Jake Phipps that was everywhere for a while. Well, he’s back and this time he’s made the Tweetie light. Sometimes you just need to have a little fun with your interiors and while this is, admittedly, an expensive way to do that, it’s a great light and would definitely raise a smile when you saw it.

tweetie pendant gold light by jake phipps

tweetie pendant gold light by jake phipps

I can’t claim to have discovered this as it was my mate Sian from Moregeous who first blogged about it. But since then, there seems to be a little mini trend going on so I thought it would be fun to show you some others.

ByeBye Bird1

Bye Bye Bird by Runa Klock / Frøystad + Klock

Sadly, this was only a prototype but I love it. It’s made from brass and, actually, the bent wires have a practical aspect as it was designed to be used as storage.

According to Jake, caged birds were commonplace in homes from around 2,000 BC. Ancient hieroglyphics have also shown the Egyptians keeping them as tributes to their gods and the beauty of nature while the Roman had caged parrots as a form of entertainment.

rory dobner tile

rory dobner tile

This tile by Rory Dobner, part of his alphabet series, also plays the idea of the escaped mystery guest.

Finally, perhaps you would just prefer the real thing (the cage that is, not the bird). There has been a fashion for sticking things under glass domes for a while, how about going one step further and putting your precious objets in a gilded cage. This costs £150 from Coral and Bone.

antique style birdcage from coralandbone.com

antique style birdcage from coralandbone.com


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  • Jenny Hurren 27th June 2014 at 9:26 am

    Totally in love with Bye Bye Bird. Prototype? It needs to be made!!

  • Sophie Palmer 26th June 2014 at 8:53 am

    One of my favourite images and silhouette is that of a bird. These bird cages are so fun and imaginative that I would want one just for the shadow it would produce! I wonder if they come with mini speakers to allow birdsong to also fill the room! Lovely.

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