Latest homewares at Design Storey

Fancy a quiet moment and a cool down with a look at the latest drop on Design Storey Shop featuring some great lighting and ready made linen curtains that come in three lengths - perfect for wafting in the (non-existent) breeze! ATTICUS BRASS WALL SCONCE, GRAHAM & GREEN  If you adhere to the principle that

Zara Home: Shop Linen

Earlier this year I wrote about the fantastic finds to be had at Zara Home and I was going to return to the subject simply to point out that many of the items I featured are now on sale, but then I found these images and I thought you might like them too. Ostensibly, this

Z1 Cotton Lamp Pendant

Styling by Katrine Candice Kong, photography by Francois Kong for bodieandfou It's taken me a while to make my mind up about these pendant lamps, but suddenly, now that the summer is here, they feel perfect for the long summer days. Designed by Chilean Creative Director Nelson Sepulveda for Ay Illuminate, the Z1 pendant lamp is a celebration of local handicraft crafts and skills from different

Honeycomb Throw

The other day after dinner with friends ended slightly too early, it was decided that we would return to their house for one last glass of wine (I might tell you that that last one is the killer glass. That's the one that will give you the hangover, but still we're not here to talk

Coral and Bone: new lifestyle store

carved cows head and bird cage frm coral and bone
Now this is a good place for that Christmas shopping... grey candles, brass and glass, dusky pink glasses and copper plates from coral and bone Look what I have found. This new online store, which has only just opened, has a great collection of eclectic and funky stuff which, not only do I love, but

Copper and Brass From H&M

black walls and copper candlesticks
copper home accessories from H&M A/W 14 collections Sometimes you just see a collection of photographs and they're so gorgeous you have to share them. These are from the new collection at H&M Home which is either in store or coming very soon so I thought you might like to see them again. black walls and copper

Trend: Birdcages

tweetie pendant light by jake phipps Remember the bowler hat light designed by Jake Phipps that was everywhere for a while. Well, he's back and this time he's made the Tweetie light. Sometimes you just need to have a little fun with your interiors and while this is, admittedly, an expensive way to do that,

The New Craftsmen: Celebrating British Design

ceramic bowls from the new craftsmen
ceramic bowls from the new craftsmen by Sylvia K Aren't these just beautiful? They're by Sylvia K ceramics and you can buy them at The New Craftsmen, a recently opened store (both in real life and online) which hunts out some of the best British designers and makers from around the country and brings them