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Fancy a quiet moment and a cool down with a look at the latest drop on Design Storey Shop featuring some great lighting and ready made linen curtains that come in three lengths – perfect for wafting in the (non-existent) breeze!


If you adhere to the principle that wall and ceiling lights are the earrings and necklaces of the home (and it’s a good principle) then this is a good investment. There’s a good chance the wall lights will be on at best 50 per cent of the time so they need to look good the other 50 per cent. These are decorative and will catch the light in a dark room and glow like jewellery on a darkly painted wall, whichever room they are in. 


There is a fashion for hanging plates on the wall – for some this never went away – and this pretty mismatched set will work perfectly for that. But it’s also a lovely useable set. For me, it’s the moss colourway for food and the orange for the wall. I’m not sure I will ever be on board with square plates but the joy of this is that you can mix and match. The taupe dessert plates are also lovely. When you choose coloured plates you do need to take a moment to visualise them with food on them. If you eat a lot of tomato-based pasta then the orange might not be right for example. 


Time was labelling something as “Granny” chic would NOT have been an enticement to buy but it’s now one of those “core” trends beloved by TikTok. Don’t let that put you off either however, this is a great alternative to the ubiquitous downlights that grid their way across so many kitchen ceilings across the land. I first looked for these about five years ago and couldn’t find them although they are common in the US. Put them on ceilings but also on walls – choose a pearlised or Edison style bulb to soften the glare. 


It’s no longer acceptable to stick a plain white candle in a stick and hope for the best. Serious interiors people look for different colour and shapes and while I’m not one for hopping on a bandwagon these pretty sculptural candles will look great on a shelf. So pretty, in fact, you might not even want to burn them. They would make a great gift too. 


Zara has teamed up with the Belgian designer Vincent van Duysen for a collection of timeless investment pieces that perfectly unites their pared back minimal style. The pieces aren’t cheap but, as they are classic in style, they will last for ever and should prove worth the investment. On that basis I would choose one of the wooden items or an accessory so they won’t wear out although, of course, if you love the sofa it can always be reupholstered in time. I love the sidetable although the price can shoot up pretty fast as you add different pieces to it. 


Window dressings are very expensive and it can be a paralysing purchase if you think you might want to change your décor at any point. You can, of course, choose neutrals but it’s a lot of money to spend on something that might not make your heart sing when you come into the room and your décor really does need to do that. The answer, then, is ready made curtains. You can’t go wrong with linen and these ones from La Redoute come in four different lengths from 180cm to 350cm and 10 colours. If you want more luxurious width then buy two pairs for each side and sew them together. If you want to personalise them you can always visit the haberdashery and add some pompoms or braid to the edges – easy to change with the décor. 


This, as far as I am concerned, is the best garden set out there. I own it in grey (wish it was this natural colour) and it has a) been outside for nearly five years and is still in mint condition and b) revolutionised our use of the garden as it’s so comfortable it has turned the patio into an outdoor living room that we use almost as much as the indoor one in summer. Garden furniture is often square, boxy and ugly and that’s before we get to uncomfortable. The key to this is that it’s an outdoor version of an existing indoor model so you know it’s going to work. And now you can buy it as a complete set which makes it a very good deal. 


Now this is a good idea. Pedestal tables are good for small spaces or with banquettes as you don’t have all the legs getting in the way and making everything appear more cluttered. But you might not like the top available and, I have observed, many of them are round and you might want an oval to save more space in a narrow kitchen. So buy this metal base – it comes in black and white – and choose your own top. You might want to visit the local stoneyard for a piece of marble or have something made in quartz. Either way it brings a more bespoke look to your kitchen or dining room. 


This definitely has echoes of Ercol and it’s a great spacesaver as well as a versatile piece that can be used in kitchens, halls and even bedrooms so it’s worth the investment. Rubberwood is regarded as eco-friendly as it harvested when it no longer produces latex meaning it would otherwise be burned so it’s given a useful life. It’s also more affordable as it’s regarded as a by-product. 


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  1. Is it just me, or am I the only one who doesn’t find the naked bulb thing appealing? It appears as though it is awaiting the installation of a fixture on your part. The Jonah garden set is wonderful; in the event that it starts to rain, the only cushions that need to be stored indoors are the bottom ones. And the Hisia tulip table is very stunning! All the best to you from Canada!

    1. I think perhaps it has had its moment. The look now is a little more pearlised or even the Edison ones with the pretty filter shapes to make them more of a feature. The plain old naked bulb was part of the industrial look that was huge in the 2000s.

  2. Thank you Kate for showing us these, a really good mix of minimalist-ish and vintage styles that I always covet. Nowhere to put them mind, but you never know, lottery win and all that!

  3. Is it only me, I can’t get to liking the bare bulb thing. It looks like it’s waiting for you to add a fixture. The Jonah garden set is great, one only has the bottom cushions to put away in case of rain. And the Hisia tulip table is wonderful! Cheers from Canada!

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