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A new term and a new season and if you feel like shopping then here are some gorgeous finds (from under £20 treat to £2,000 investment) all of which will stand the test of time. Fashion people say that if you are going to buy a new piece of clothing you should think of at least three outfits you can make with it before you commit. You can do the same with interiors – will it go in another room if you move and no longer want it in the place you bought it for? Will it still work if you change the colour of the walls? Can you dress it differently with new cushions or chairs? Do you just love it? If the answer to all of those is yes then you’re good to go. 


If you belong to the rattan basket brigade and feel that you can always find a use for them then this is for you. And if you want something more modern than rattan then this is for you too. It’s a washing up bowl but at 37cm in diameter you can use it as a repository for small toys, keeping all the light bulbs or cables together in the cupboard, or just for throwing all the pens, change and general STUFF in at the end of the day before you can quite face sorting it out and it gradually takes over the whole worktop.


Inspired by the classic Murano lamp which has been popping up on Instagram all summer this is a more affordable version and is very versatile. It will bring a soft glow to a bedside table and gently illuminate a desk (not if you need to do hours of graft but for a quick admin session it’s enough). Or stick it in a kid’s bedroom where the mushroom shape will bring a sense of 70s retro fun. There’s a rule to buying clothes which is that you must think of at least three outfits you can make with each new purchase – you can do the same with interiors and this lamp will fit in every room so it’s worth the investment. 


If your home office has to multi-task with another room or you live in a student bedsit then a desk with a natural screen is a brilliant idea. The rattan panels are on trend but it also means, if you position it right, that you can hide your work away at the end of the day without really having to tidy up or put it away as the panels will disguise it all for you. The panels are reversible so you can adapt to suit you and means you can also move it to different rooms and different layouts should the need arise. 


Like the pedestal table that works inside and outside this rug, made from recycled plastic bottles works in both places as well. It will go well under the kitchen table to bring a bit of colour and pattern and, as it’s washable it can be a practical solution in a rented flat if you need to protect carpets from children or don’t like the flooring that is already there but you can’t change it. The large one measures 160 by 230 so it will cover a decent amount of space – if you can’t visualise it a standard double bed is 135cm x 190cm so it’s bigger than that. 


Checks are taking over the world one square at a time but it’s an easy pattern to incorporate with whatever you have already so you can mix and match. Gingham, is, of course, the classic and this will sit prettily with plain sheets and pillowcases or you can add a a plain burnt orange set or even anything floral or striped in similar colours.


This desk appears to be 50 per cent off at the time of writing (reduced from £1,100) so if you like it you better move fast. The styling is super simple and classic so it will work in a sitting room – add a pretty lamp for the evening and slide a laptop and paperwork into the drawer – or in the bedroom where it can do double duty as a dressing table. It’s made from walnut – move over oak we’re all about this darker pinkier tone now – with a lino top,which is made from linseed and therefore natural and sustainable. There is also a removeable cable location spot. This might be an investment but it will travel happily round several rooms in the house so you can use it forever. 


New term new broom and all that and if you have to do a boring job you may as well do it with a beautiful instrument. I have something similar that hangs on a peg in the pantry (grand word for a small cupboard storing dried goods and cleaning stuff) and it’s much more efficient than the dustbuster and, of course, only uses your own energy.


Made from glass reinforced concrete this is billed as a garden table but it will work perfectly well in the sitting room as well as a texture change from all that wood. Also – pedestal tables are great for small rooms as you can have too many legs and it all starts to look cluttered. Buy now for the tail end of summer and bring inside to carry those winter cocktails before it goes back out again next year.


Oh I know I know it’s expensive but just look at it. It’s curvy, it swivels and it’s absolutely the piece that will nail the room. Keep the sofa plain and unassuming – in oatmeal – and add vintage furniture (check the charity stores to save the money you’ve spent on the chair) and love it forever. Two are nice but you can have one and pair it with a plain black chair for contrast. It’s more versatile than you think and you will love it forever. I know I would. 


Pedestal tables are about to have a moment. For years they have been dominated by the classic Tulip which is out of financial reach of most of us (but do look for the vintage  Arkana version by  Maurice Burke) and now they are springing up everywhere. The issue is that most are round which, of course, can take up a lot of room so I’m showing you this because it’s oval and might be easier to accommodate in your space. It’s 150cm by 118cm and made from Acacia wood with a black finish which also means it will go with any chairs you happen to already have. 



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  1. I really like the desk with rattan panels, it looks so elegant. As for those chairs, I like the styling but I’d need a gentler pattern, they make my eyes a bit wonky!

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