Welcome to the new weekly drop on Design Storey, this week we are mainly focusing on bedrooms and workspaces with a little bit of outdoor living thrown in.



We tend not to think of painted wooden desks but if yours is sharing space with a bedroom or you want to add a cheery splash of colour to a sitting room then why not pick a desk with a colour that you love. So you can have this, where the work has been done for you, or you can buy an old pine table, or desk, and paint it yourself in the colour of your choice. And then you can change it if you move it to another room. 


It’s an investment piece but one that you will use for years and years whether it’s a desk for now and an occasional table later, or something that is passed down to a child or younger member of the family in their first home. The style is classic, the legs are slim, there are storage drawers but the really clever bit? A shelf that slides out at either end for those days when you are working two to a desk, or need an extra screen or even more paperwork. 



Murphy beds have never really been a thing in the UK where sofa beds tend to dominate but they’re a great idea for kids rooms where they might want more floor space than a sofa bed allows. It’s also a good idea if you have a study which needs a spare bed and, again, there isn’t really space for a sofa. This way you can push the desk up against the wall when the bed is needed. And if it is for kids and you paint the underside in chalkboard paint then they’ve got a ready-made drawing area too. 


Sticking with the idea of using colour in unexpected ways see the blue desk in the office, what about a wardrobe to spark a colour scheme. This one is 90cm wide which means it probably won’t hold all your clothes but it will fit into a narrow alcove and you can stick another one on the other side. It comes in other colours but the blue is the best and, on no account, buy the matching bedside tables – they need to be wood, preferably vintage.


WFH isn’t going away any time soon and our houses aren’t getting any bigger. This slim line mid-century inspired desk is perfect for an office which has to share with a bedroom or sitting room. The narrow legs mean it won’t dominate the space, the drawers can be switched to the side that suits you best and means you can slide the work stuff away at the end of the day if you need to turn it into a dressing table or just leave it blank with a good lamp for the evening.


There are lots of pieces in the Pavia collection and I’m here to tell you that you should not buy a full set because that never looks like the considered decision of someone who cares. I’m also going to tell you that I have looked at the full range and this is the stand out piece. Use the shelves for displaying lovely items and/or shoes or even a row of beautifully folded jumpers. Then by all means buy rattan bedside tables but make them vintage. Or buy some old ones in pine and paint them. We are avoiding, at all costs, the fully matched bedroom suite set. Come back to me in 10 years to see if I have changed my mind (hint from the future – I haven’t). If you want the middle to be closed off try this version from La Redoute.


If funds are tight (and whose aren’t right now) then if you need to prioritise then buy a cheap frame and put a great mattress on it. And if you can’t run to a fabulous mattress then add a topper which can make a huge amount of difference. This one can be dressed up with great bedding and you can paint or paper the wall behind it to give the look of a great headboard. Be aware – this doesn’t come with slats which will cost you £120 extra unless you can transfer them from an existing bed in your house. 


There’s a bit of a fashion for curving headboards at the moment – I’ve had one for about five years and, I have to say, it’s great if you’re reading in bed as it supports and hugs you at the same time. This boucle version with its black stained legs is quite “hotel” in look and, of course, means you can put it in any colour room with any style of bedding. Also comes in olive green too which would work with a soft pink, a deep navy or a rich cream. I’m going to say avoid both the yellow and grey it is styled with. 


A classic table lamp shape with a bit of interest in the design to keep it interesting. Buy this in the plain white (it does come in green too) and swap the lampshades as your décor changes. This will calm a colourful space and bring texture to one with a minimal palette. The narrow base also means it doesn’t take up too much room so it will work by a bed and also on a desk where, if you have a pale shade, the light will diffuse all round rather than being a single concentrated beam. 


Just a gorgeous piece that will work beautifully inside as well as out. Garden furniture can suffer from all looking the same and it’s refreshing to find a piece that can move in and out as you do. The glossy exterior is particularly pleasing and means it will be a brilliant addition to a dark interior as it will catch the light and reflect it back. There’s also a smaller, taller side table too. And if you prefer a pale olive green there is that option.

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  1. That round bedside table in the Soho Home lamp picture would work great with the blue wardrobe if vintage finds are hard to find. I like the idea of a round bedside table. I might need that.

  2. I love every piece in this collection. Wardrobes are not really a thing here, but even so, I would love that Pavia triple wardrobe. Cheers from Canada!

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