Round Mirrored Tray

round mirrored tray from H&M It's only the second of the month and already I have bought one thing (yesterday's lightbox) and am about to buy another - this tray. I love trays. I have no idea why. Perhaps it's the ceremonial aspect of them. Bringing in a tray with two mugs or glasses on

Brass Flower Ceiling Light

So when you've painted your walls in a fabulous neutral shade (by which I mean grey of any description) or left them white and painted the cornicing only in a distinctive shade (by which I might mean grey of any description) you need to start adding in the furniture and lighting. Now, for those of

Trend: Birdcages

tweetie pendant light by jake phipps Remember the bowler hat light designed by Jake Phipps that was everywhere for a while. Well, he's back and this time he's made the Tweetie light. Sometimes you just need to have a little fun with your interiors and while this is, admittedly, an expensive way to do that,

Gold and Copper Industrial Stools

metallic industrial style bar stools An industrial stool spray painted in copper or gold metallic paint. What could be lovelier? It comes in two heights as well so you can use at a kitchen island or at the table as extra seating. copper, gold or iron bar stool comes in two heightsThere are three colours,

Metallic Desk Accessories for the Home Office

copper desk accessories from anthropologie
copper desk accessories from anthropologie There's nothing I like more than a gentle stroll (virtual) will do through the new collections of Anthropologie and what I found this time had me practically hyperventilating with excitement. Regular readers will know I have a thing for metallics. I have a tin ceiling in my kitchen, metallic silver