Metallic Desk Accessories for the Home Office

copper desk accessories from anthropologie
copper desk accessories from anthropologie

There’s nothing I like more than a gentle stroll (virtual) will do through the new collections of Anthropologie and what I found this time had me practically hyperventilating with excitement.

Regular readers will know I have a thing for metallics. I have a tin ceiling in my kitchen, metallic silver tiles in my bathroom and, ahem, I do actually have a pair of gold brogues. Yes I do. So when I saw these gorgeous accessories for the home office I was smitten.

Now the fact that I don’t actually have a home office is merely a technical detail. One day my office will come. Never mind the prince, just show me to the desk.

First up will be this pressed metal wall cube arrangement. It takes up hardly any space and yet would clear the desk of an untidy array of pens, rulers, bits of paper and anything else you fancy. It’s meant for plants as well and that would make a good juxtaposition with the stationery.

metal letter holder from anthropologie
metal letter holder from anthropologie

Mind you, now I come to think of it I may not have an office but I do have kitchen and this would make a great little herb garden wouldn’t it?

Then I rather love this metallic wall envelope. It almost looks like leather. I don’t suppose it holds that much but, in theory, that’s to make you stay on top of the filing … yes I know dream on.

So that’s the storage sorted. Now I just need to find space for a desk.

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