Formica® Inlay Tables

formica inlay tables from lucy turner It's Formica® but not as we know it. Last week I ran a post on the return of Anaglypta wallpaper and how it's becoming cool again. Well judging by the reaction of some people you'd think I suggested a wholesale return to the 1970s General Strikes and all. There

Coloured Shape Light by Sabrina Fossi

coloured shape light by sabrina fossi design
coloured shape light by sabrina fossi design Oh how I love this light. You know I love a joke or a trompe l'oeil or a hint of the unexpected, call it what you will, and this cartoonish lamp completely appeals. It's by Sabrina Fossi Design and the idea is that the classic shape serves to

Industrial Furniture: Such & Such

industrial cream sofa from such & such Industrial furniture can be tricky to bring into a home for anyone who doesn't actually live in a warehouse. The key is to find pieces that nod to the look, or are based on the idea without being too pastiche. This sofa has done that. For those of

Large Square Floor Cushion

square floor cushion from graham and green
square floor cushion from graham and green It's a small thing, not exactly up there with the world's problems, but hey, this is a blog about interiors not politics, so I feel I justified in mentioning it. Floor cushions, beanbags, pouffes, call them what you will, a tricky purchase. I remember writing my very first

Industrial Storage Cabinet

metal industrial style storage unit from
metal industrial style storage unit from The industrial furniture trend shows no sign of disappearing and while, on the one hand, as the high street gets involved the early adopters move on, on the other, it does mean that it becomes more affordable for the others. It's all very well if you can afford

Vintage Metal Bathroom Cabinet

vintage industrial metal cabinet
vintage industrial metal cabinet from hunterscollectors I recently wrote about a new book by stylist Joanna Thornhill which is all about tips and tricks to make your home more you. It's aimed at those in rented accommodation and first time buyers who have no money left to buy furniture once they've bought the walls and

Natural Flooring from Flock

Hands up who thinks there's something familiar about these pictures ... Take a look at the sofa, so crushingly described as "a bit vintage" by Living Etc. That pale linen chair which has appeared on Twitter in a much muddier state, followed by a picture of a not very guilty looking cat ... Yes, it's

Engraved Metal Trays

herb drying rack, engraved metal trays and bloomingville water jug
herb drying rack, engraved metal trays and bloomingville water jug from houseenvy I have been meaning to show you the new collection from House Envy for ages, but they keep adding to it and each time I discover something new so it never gets done. But I have decided - enough. amiri sideboard - perfect

Filing Drawers with Brass Handles

Inspired by old bank safety deposit boxes, these steel drawers would look great on any desk. I particularly love the brass handles which move them on from being simply utilitarian to a real object of design. They open at the front so you can pile them up and create a mini filing system and they

Black or White Laundry Bag

H&M white laundry bag costs £12 Sometimes it's the simple things that bring the most pleasure. And today that simple thing is a laundry bag. My beautiful (and rather expensive hyacinth) basket has finally died. This may have rather more to do with Enid Cat using it as a chew toy and bolt hole than

New Interiors Shop: Folds Inside

wall art: droplet collection by Kate Schurict at Folds Inside
rattan lounge chair from Folds Inside is a new interiors site championing up and coming designers and helping people to style their homes to their best advantage. lighting from foldsinside Launched in February, the company is currently selling via a range of pop-up shop evenings in people's homes as well as through the website.

Brass and Wood Task Light

brass and wood task lamp from uniche interior furnishings While I make it a point of principle that each Object of Design featured on the blog is something that I would genuinely have in my house (given elastic walls and a similarly stretchy budget) every now and then something comes along that I simply must

Sofa by Norway’s Andreas Engesvik

tiki sofa by Norwegian designer Andreas Engesvik for Fogia
tiki sofa by Norwegian designer Andreas Engesvik for Fogia There is going to come a point where I have to stop looking at sofas. I am going to have to make a decision and buy it and then never look another sofa in the eye again. Every time I think I have seen the perfect

Metamorphosis Animal Plates

bone china with animal designs from whitemint There's something about this china set that just really appeals to me and I'm not sure I know what it is. I posted at the end of last week about a set of cushions by Cygnus Papilio which have been described as a Victorian Acid Trip and these are

Gold and Copper Industrial Stools

metallic industrial style bar stools An industrial stool spray painted in copper or gold metallic paint. What could be lovelier? It comes in two heights as well so you can use at a kitchen island or at the table as extra seating. copper, gold or iron bar stool comes in two heightsThere are three colours,

New Wave Collective from Graham and Brown Wallpaper

Graham & Brown New Wave Collective Paradisi I by Emma J Shipley Graham & Brown, those awfully nice purveyors of wallpaper, have just released a new collection curated by the doyenne of interiors journalists Barbara Chandler. She worked with the company for a year to select designers from a variety of fields, including textiles, illustrations,

Reclaimed Wood Vintage Box Shelves

reclaimed wood box shelving from home barn
reclaimed wood box shelving from home barn Using boxes as shelving is not only fashionable but also supremely practical as it means you can change the arrangement when either you're bored with the look or you have different things to store. storage boxes made from salvaged pine Those canny ladies at Home Barn have realised the

Victorian Acid Trip

Before I talk to you about those rather fabulous cushions below, I would just like to say that Mad About The House has been shortlisted for the Best Interiors Blog award run by Prime Location. It's always great to have recognition and while I'm thrilled to be nominated, I would be even more delighted to

John Lewis Spring Summer 2014

made to order wall mural for £300 It's fair to say that a lot of catalogues thud onto the doormat every week and that, if I'm honest, I don't always open them. But the new (massive) tome from John Lewis turned up at the weekend and, aside from the fact that it could be used

The Paper Bag

the paper bag by be-poles provides useful storage available from peastyle
the paper bag by be-poles provides useful storage available from peastyle I don't know about you but I have always loved the American habit of using large brown paper bags to cart things back from the supermarket. Leaving aside its eco-friendly credentials, it's much easier to carry a heavy bag under one arm rather than