New Interiors Shop: Folds Inside

rattan lounge_chair from
rattan lounge chair from

Folds Inside is a new interiors site championing up and coming designers and helping people to style their homes to their best advantage.

lighting from foldsinside
lighting from foldsinside

Launched in February, the company is currently selling via a range of pop-up shop evenings in people’s homes as well as through the website.

Founder Emma Gurner, who worked for many years as a stylist and product designer, says: “It’s a great way to launch a new business and we have found that people really appreciate advice on how to arrange their purchases in their rooms so we can play around with that and show customers what they can do.”

round iron tray made from recyled materials
round iron tray made from recyled materials image by Emma Gurner

A sort of tupperware party for the 21st century basically. We’ve all seen it done with make-up, jewellery and clothes but this is, perhaps, the first time it’s been done with interiors.

wall art: droplet collection by Kate Schurict at Folds Inside
wall art: droplet collection by Kate Schurict at Folds Inside

In addition to the personal service, Folds, which is the initials of Emma’s and her business partner Suzi’s children, are also looking for new designers whose work they can showcase. One of my favourites is the droplet collection (above) by Kate Schuricht, a series of wall vases that can be grouped together to create a piece of wall art.

The other piece I like is the table light which is made from aluminium with a copper light.

this table lamp
table lamp

Which are your favourite pieces? There’s lots more on the site so go and have a browse. Happy Weekend to you all.



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