Brass and Wood Task Light

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brass and wood task lamp from uniche interior furnishings

While I make it a point of principle that each Object of Design featured on the blog is something that I would genuinely have in my house (given elastic walls and a similarly stretchy budget) every now and then something comes along that I simply must have and this task light was one of those objects.

I featured it late last year and it was one of the very first pieces designed by the team at Uniche Interior Furnishings. They called it Industrial Luxe, which as you will know is one of my favourite styles, also known (by me) as Industrial Glamour.

brass and wood task lamp detail
brass and wood task lamp detail

Anyway, call it what you will, the mix of brass and wood with the chunky clamps to fix and angle it tick all my boxes. And here it is in situ. As I said in that first post, I had planned to fix it to a table in the library but there wasn’t enough of an overhang to fix the clamp. Then I attached it to the bookshelves but it got rather lost among all the books.

Finally, one afternoon I was sitting in this chair in the early evening, flicking through a magazine and realised that I couldn’t actually see very well. And there you have it. The narrow window sill is just wide enough to fix the clamp and it makes the perfect reading light.

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