365 Objects Of Design, March, Volume III

New Wave Collective from Graham and Brown Wallpaper

18th March 2014
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Graham & Brown New Wave Collective_Paradisi I by Emma J Shipley

Graham & Brown New Wave Collective Paradisi I by Emma J Shipley

Graham & Brown, those awfully nice purveyors of wallpaper, have just released a new collection curated by the doyenne of interiors journalists Barbara Chandler. She worked with the company for a year to select designers from a variety of fields, including textiles, illustrations, street art and fashion.

Graham & Brown New Wave CollectiveFoxglove by Lucinda Abell

Graham & Brown New Wave Collective Foxglove by Lucinda Abell

They have created a collection of 16 new papers, some of which are pictured here, so that you can buy high end designer wallpaper for just £26 a roll.

Graham & Brown New Wave Collective_Coffee Bean by Nancy Straughan

Graham & Brown New Wave Collective Coffee Bean by Nancy Straughan

Barbara said: “Making such new talent affordable and accessible is a truly bold step for Graham & Brown. It is so exciting that very special designs will be offered at £26 a roll, making boutique wallpaper by an atelier of handpicked designers available to everyone.

“I love the democracy of it.”

Graham & Brown New Wave Collective_Fishes by Kate Usher

Graham & Brown New Wave Collective Fishes by Kate Usher

Barbara has been writing about home design and decorating for 35 years and says she still gets an adrenaline rush when she spots a new talent. She felt that Britain leads the way in surface pattern design but that only a fraction of it was finding its way to market.

Graham & Brown New Wave Collective_Feather by Helen Stevens

Graham & Brown New Wave Collective Feather by Helen Stevens

Such is her influence that when Barbara speaks, Graham & Brown listen and they teamed up. The collection is varied and ranges from nature and graffiti to abstract and fantasy.

Graham & Brown New Wave Collective_Urban Tree by Louise Tiler

Graham & Brown New Wave Collective Urban Tree by Louise Tiler

I’m finding it really hard to choose a favourite. I love Paradisi and Feathers but foxgloves are my favourite flowers …

Which ones do you like?




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  • Paula Steppat 18th March 2014 at 5:38 pm

    I love the tree one with Manhattan sky line

  • Lianne 18th March 2014 at 9:38 am

    Gorgeous, especcially the Paradisi with the black floor!

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