Industrial Furniture: Such & Such

industrial cream sofa from such and such
industrial cream sofa from such & such

Industrial furniture can be tricky to bring into a home for anyone who doesn’t actually live in a warehouse. The key is to find pieces that nod to the look, or are based on the idea without being too pastiche. This sofa has done that.

For those of you that have been following the ongoing sofa saga, which basically involves me finding a new sofa and declaring undying love for it until I find another one about a week later, this is IT. Yes it is.

Made from a reclaimed hardwood frame with adjustable cast iron feet and plumptious cream cushions, let me introduce you to the Peterson by District Eight. District Eight Design is a company based in Ho Chi Minh City, in Vietnam.

The Peterson sofa by District Eight
The Peterson sofa by District Eight

It was originally founded to preserve and develop historically significant buildings, warehouses, and objects but has rapidly expanded to include a production line of modern industrial furnishings.

My problem with the sofa has been that I want something that has the look of an elegant structured sofa but I want to be able to sink into its welcoming folds with a glass of (hmm looking at the colour, white) wine.

reclaimed press dining table or desk by district eight for such & such
reclaimed press dining table or desk by district eight for such & such

So the gorgeous pink Mayer sofa by Arne Jacobsen for & Tradition is a little too upright, as is the equally elegant Onkel by Normann Copenhagen. But this, with its rigid wooden sides and gorgeous feet gives an sense of the industrial look that I love, while having thick cushions for Sunday night slouching. It’s £2,950, which compared with many a sofa out there isn’t a disaster. There’s also a capacious armchair for £1,000 less.

The sofa, and the other piece pictured, are all stocked at Such & Such, founded by brother and sister Ali and Nikki, who gave up their jobs in the law and interior design to set up their company.

industrial stool by district 8
industrial stool £139

In selecting our products we attach importance to the way something is made and how this impacts our environment,” they say on the site.

“Whilst searching for these items we have met and continue to meet some great people and we want to share their stories with you. We believe that knowing the background of the designers and products makes each item more personal and that bit more special.”

Well I’m sold. I’m not even looking at another sofa. Ever. No I’m not. I’m just saving up.



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  1. Such & Such are definitely the ones to watch this year!! I’ve been following them since their launch and they are totally on the money with their design selection! Really very impressed with the styles they are bringing together in their choice of brands to promote! I predict big things for these guys!!

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