Floral Stool

While I am no fan of the "keep it for best" school of thought, I do like the idea of being able to change things around from time to time. Now you can't really do that with big pieces of furniture which is why most of us tend to stick to cushions and rugs to

Copper and Enamelled Steel Stools

Following on from yesterday's wooden stool with the brass accents, I wanted to show you these today as copper is still very much an ongoing trend. Called Last Stool, it takes its name from the mandrel used by shoemakers to flatten a piece of leather into the shape of a foot and describes something that

A Desk byAlex

A desk byAlex from occa-home
A desk byAlex Inspired by the clean straight lines of the modernist period, A Desk is the latest piece from the studio of Alex Swain, whose earlier creation, A Stool, has been featured on these pages before and hailed as a contemporary classic by The Guardian. tilting desk byAlex available from occa-home Both pieces owe

Industrial Furniture: Such & Such

industrial cream sofa from such & such Industrial furniture can be tricky to bring into a home for anyone who doesn't actually live in a warehouse. The key is to find pieces that nod to the look, or are based on the idea without being too pastiche. This sofa has done that. For those of

Gold and Copper Industrial Stools

metallic industrial style bar stools An industrial stool spray painted in copper or gold metallic paint. What could be lovelier? It comes in two heights as well so you can use at a kitchen island or at the table as extra seating. copper, gold or iron bar stool comes in two heightsThere are three colours,

Objects of Design #7: Pilo Metal Stool

rustic metal stool from nkuku Kitchens need stools. It's the room where people come together (and not just at parties) so there's always the need for an extra chair to perch on. Or for a small child to stand on so they can reach to stir their cake mix. Or  to pull up to the