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While I am no fan of the “keep it for best” school of thought, I do like the idea of being able to change things around from time to time. Now you can’t really do that with big pieces of furniture which is why most of us tend to stick to cushions and rugs to ring the changes but for the last few days I have had the furniture for my collection in the house to be photographed (all will be revealed next week…) and it has been in the library. Usually this is the room with the zebra rug and the graphic cushions but for the last few days it has been a sea of navy and brass with grey accents.


It has been much more restful than usual and I have enjoyed it enormously. But they are coming to take the furniture back to the showroom today so the room will return to its usual vibrant feel. Having said that it has a very different feel from the sitting room end which is more muted colours so it will be good to welcome back the more zany end of the spectrum.

But *adopts Sex and the City voiceover tones* it got me thinking, how can we change the mood with more than just cushions? Or something like that….Anyway, before the furniture goes back to normal I shall be ransacking the other rooms and the loft to see if I want to change the room a little rather than putting it back to how it was last week.


And that’s where today’s post comes in. I love, love, love this floral stool from Mia Fleur but I can imagine that I might not want to look at it all the time. So, either it goes in the spare room – where you might not go every day, or in a hall where you would just walk past it or, into a room that is used every day but not all the time. I can imagine bringing it down from the bedroom, where it might spend the summer, and feeling that it had changed the whole room when it reappeared downstairs. In fact I might have to have it for just that reason.

It’s the same with the other pieces pictured here – that floral cabinet and the zebra vase. Perfect for ramping things up a bit and then you can calm them down again. It’s like that leopard coat that, according to the fashion pages, we should all have by now, you don’t want to wear it every day but it feels great when you do put it on.


What do you think? Do you have pieces that you bring out seasonally? These are all from Mia Fleur, whose slogan: “Because life’s too short to be minimal” appeals to me enormously.


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  1. I hear you, Kate. I’ve found my home bliss with tones of grey, brown, and cream…with my self-appointed French Industrial Lodge style. However, color blooms in our boho guest room. That’s where I experiment with color, texture, and patterns far more. But I have to say that the floral chest of drawers is calling to me. I’d be tempted to move it around the entire house, just to mix things up. Then there are those zebra vases. Crikey, I love them as well. And that floral stool. Uh oh, dare I go to the Mia Fleur site and explore? Could be dangerous. Cheers, Ardith

  2. Thank you so much for this, Kate! Lovely feature. I know what you mean about bringing things out seasonally, but I think I’m perhaps a little self-indulgent for that. I want all the jazz, at all times.

    P.S.”adopts Sex and the City voiceover tones” made me actually LOL, and I don’t use that lightly. Actually, I try not to use it at all, but I have no emojis, so needs must. x

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