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Copper and Enamelled Steel Stools

25th May 2014
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Following on from yesterday’s wooden stool with the brass accents, I wanted to show you these today as copper is still very much an ongoing trend. Called Last Stool, it takes its name from the mandrel used by shoemakers to flatten a piece of leather into the shape of a foot and describes something that is built to last.


The stools, which come in copper and enamelled steel in various colours, were designed by Max Lamb for Discipline. The ribbed detail round the top makes it easy to lift and move and they can also be stacked.


The coloured metal stools are €198 and you won’t be entirely surprised to know that the polished copper one is €540 but it is a thing of beauty that would double up as a small table as well as a stool.


Failing that, colours include white, black, green, navy blue and a paler version. Money no object? I’d have copper and navy.

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  • Jenny Hurren 25th May 2014 at 11:41 pm

    LOVE these!

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