Freestanding Kitchen Unit

freestanding kitchen cupboard from westelm
freestanding kitchen cupboard from westelm

Now I’m not normally one for painted furniture and the retro look but I would totally make an exception for this. Along with wanting a black kitchen (something it turns out that many of you desire too) I would like to have only freestanding units.

It’s hideously impractical I know. I have enough trouble retrieving the bits of paper and carrot peelings that fall down between the side of the worktop and the fridge. Mind you, given that Enid Cat chased a frog under the fridge the other day and I have yet to see it emerge perhaps it’s living on the carrot shavings.

Anyway, I digress. When don’t I? There’s something very sunshine and holiday home about a freestanding kitchen. It’s all a bit more relaxed and bohemian than those serried ranks of units all clinging to each one another with a seamless worktop binding them together.

So in my fantasy kitchen, there will be black walls, freestanding units, a big built-in bench – made from concrete with cushions on and, naturally, brass pendant lights. Anyone coming for supper?

Cabin Kitchen Armoire from west elm £999.

By the way, this can never go in a dining room. No, it can’t. It’s for the kitchen only.


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  1. This is my kitchen dream also ! I came across a three door armoire with beautiful leafy mouldings (some a little broken and aged). I picked it up in the second hand shop for €50 because of the damage. I think I’ll paint it a moody charcoal or maybe a scandi white. Sadly there isn’t room for it in our rented house but we are in the midst of planning our own home. I can’t wait to be reunited with it. Really love your blog.

  2. Gives me a warm feeling as it reminds me of my granny’s house, but not for me. Prefer integrated for easy cleaning. Polly

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