365 Objects Of Design, Volume II

Objects of Design: & Tradition

9th December 2014
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pendant light from andtradition via occa home

A couple of weeks ago I showed you the rather fabulous offices of Danish company Butchers & Bicycles with its monochrome colour scheme and gorgeous furniture, much of which came from another cool Danish firm called &Tradition.

black chair from andtradition via occa home

Well, today I thought it was time to have a closer look at them. Founded in 2010 by Martin Kornbek Hansen, a large part of their collection is stocked by Occa Home.

grey sofa by mayer from and tradition via occa home

I’ve loved this Arne Jacobsen sofa for a while now although to be honest, it’s not just the price tag (a shade under £5,000) that puts me off. While I would love to look at it all day long – especially in that gorgeous pale pink below – I’m not sure it’s quite slouchy enough for a Saturday evening in front of the telly. And, until I own a house big enough for two sitting rooms (one slouchy, one conversational) I fear that that the relaxing one will win out.

copper lighting from andtraditiona via occa home

In addition to the Jacobsen sofa, the company also sells the flowerpot light above (the higher curved one). This is another design classic, by Verner Panton. That’s the thing about Denmark; there are so many design classics that companies seem to be able to share them out and all have some.

and tradition mayer pink sofa

“We want to connect with the old masters, while giving space to new designers to define what will become future classics. We see a kinship between the old masters, who were avant-garde in their time, and new designers creating the ground-breaking icons of today,” says Kornbek Hansen.


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  • Adam Spurgeon 9th December 2014 at 9:52 am

    The Jacobsen sofa is a work of art – it’s up there with the most beautiful objects ever created. However, I fear you’re correct about its ‘loungability’. I’d bear a little discomfort for those looks and its quality, though!

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